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Nationality: Ecuadorian

Place of Birth: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Date of Birth: June 16, 1982.


Ph.D. candidate, History, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain, degree expected 2014.

Advisor: Juan Carlos Garavaglia

Dissertation Subject: State Building in Latin America: The Case of Ecuador

M.A. Program in World History, Pompeu Fabra University, degree expected 2010.

Licenciatura in Historical Sciences, Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador, 2008. Thesis: Public health authority. Tensions and appropriations in the institutionalization of the health system from 1925 to 1948. The case of San Juan de Dios Hospital.


Junior Researcher, “State Building in Latin America” Project(European Research Council Advanced Grant), Pompeu Fabra University, 2009 to present

Research Assistant, MARKA, Quito, 2008 Responsibilities included: conducted research in National Archives about the role of the cabildo (municipal government) during the Independence movements.

Executive Assistant and Research Assistant, Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IDEA), Quito, 2008 . Responsibilities included: carried out research and managed projects related to the 20th anniversary of the death of Monsenor Leonidas Proaño

Researcher for “Economy and Society in Quito during the period 1780-1830” Project, Museo de la Ciudad, Quito, 2007. Responsibilities included: carried out research and wrote about the “estancos” in Quito.

Research Assistant, Museo de la Ciudad, Quito, 2003-2004. Responsibilities included: carried out research, systematized and organized documentation from the 19th-20th centuries, for the historical reconstruction of the San Juan de Dios Hospital.



« Salud pública y autoridad. Su institucionalización en el Ecuador de 1925 a 1948 » Congress “Outlooks on Public Health from the Social Sciences”, Institute of Public Health, Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito. November ( 2008 ).


Participant in professional training course “ Standardization of Archiveal Description”, Simon Bolivar Andean University, Quito 2008.

Participant in the 7th Annual Summer Seminar “ The Royal Audience of Quito: Society, Culture and Daily Life”, Catholic University of Ecuador, 2002.


Spanish: native language

English: Fluent (reading, writing and speaking)