Latin American Bureaucracy and the State Building Process (1780-1860)



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Chapter One: Considering the State from the Perspective of Bureaucracy: Lessons from the Latin American Sattelzeit Juan Pro Ruiz

Chapter Two: State Building in Latin America: The Preceding Steps Juan Carlos Garavaglia

Chapter Three: Bureaucracy in the State-Building Process in Latin America in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century Juan Carlos Garavaglia

Chapter Four: The Formation and Expansion of Bureaucracy in Central America: The Federation and State of Guatemala (1823–1840) Juan Carlos Sarazúa

Chapter Five: State Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Institutional-Bureaucratic Structures in Costa Rica, 1786–1842 Pablo A. Rodríguez Solano

Chapter Six: Organization and Uncertainty: The Administrative Dynamics of the Secretariat of Treasury of New Granada (1806–1851) Pilar López-Bejarano

Chapter Seven: Administrating Power: Functionaries and Offices in the Process of State Building in Ecuador, 1830–1845 Viviana Velasco Herrera

Chapter Eight: The Structuring of a Bureaucratic Corps in the State-Building Process: Chile 1810–1860 Elvira López Taverne

Chapter Nine: The Bureaucracy in Río de la Plata: Buenos Aires, 1760–1861 Juan Carlos Garavaglia

Chapter Ten: An Approach to Analyzing a Provincial Administration through the Treasury: Santa Fe, Argentina, in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century Evangelina de los Ríos

Chapter Eleven: Promoting Enlightenment and Virtues: The Colegio de la Unión del Sud, 1818–1823 Rodolfo Eduardo González Lebrero

Chapter Twelve: Adventures and Misadventures of a Military Reformer: Ramón de Cáceres and the Difficulties in Establishing Bureaucratic Procedures in the Armies of Río de la Plata, 1810–1830 Alejandro M. Rabinovich

Chapter Thirteen: Taxation without Bureaucracy? Republican Governments and the Old Fiscal Regime in the Estado Oriental del Uruguay: An Approach through Tax Farming, 1828–1852 Mario Etchechury-Barrera

Chapter Fourteen: The Justice System, the National Guard and Control of Public Order: the Brazilian Empire in the Initial Decades of the Nineteenth Century Wilma Peres Costa and Andréa Slemian


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